Call for IT Projects


The Call for IT projects is a part of IT’s efforts to plan and resource for the College’s IT needs. The outcomes of this exercise will guide our resource planning, budgeting, and scheduling for the coming fiscal year and is governed by the Technology Advisory and Coordination Committee (TACC).


What types of requests should be submitted as an IT Project?

For projects that will require the use of Information Technology resources, we will use the following criteria to determine if the request should be submitted as an IT Project request:

  • Requires major effort or cost (more than 20 man-days or $15,000)
  • New IT system or website
  • Major revamp of an existing system or website (reimplementation or redesign)
  • Lack of internal capabilities (technical skill, hardware, infrastructure) at the College

Other requests will be prioritized and evaluated internally when you submit a service request to


IT Project Evaluation Process

Yale-NUS College uses the IT Projects Request form to collect information about the scope, impact, and feasibility of the project. The submitted forms will be evaluated by the IT Project Evaluation Committee (ITPEC) and submitted to the Technology Advisory and Coordination Committee (TACC) for approval and endorsement.

Together with the TACC, IT and ERT have recently revised the IT project request and evaluation process to provide ease of use and transparency throughout the process.

September 2, 2019 IT Call for Projects begins.
September 27, 2019 IT Project Requests submission deadline.
October 14, 2019 ITPEC completes evaluations of submissions.
November 2019 TACC convenes review submissions and recommendations from the ITPEC.
Request Form

The project request form will ask several questions that will help the IT Project Evaluation Committee determine how your IT Project request should be prioritised among the other requests. If you require assistance from IT in the preparation of the form, you may contact for an IT Liaison to be assigned to you.

All submitted IT project requests form must have the endorsement of the Division or Department head and EVP.

Download Request Form Here

Evaluation Process

An ITPEC will be formed for each project request submitted. The members of the committee will include an assigned IT Project Manager, and members from IT and ERT. The ITPEC will evaluate and prioritise the project on how well it supports the vision and mission of the College, its benefits, and impact to the community of learning.

In addition to this, the ITPEC will also examine the feasibility of the project by considering:

  • the availability of resources and operational capacity of the requesting functional areas to implement and maintain the requested solution.
  • the costs against the benefits of the project.
  • the internal capabilities (technical skills, hardware or infrastructure requirements) of the College to implement and maintain the requested solution.
  • any other possible risks to the project.

The ITPEC will make one of five recommendations to the TACC:

  1. Must do urgently, proceed without delay
  2. Must do in a reasonable timeframe, schedule in the upcoming fiscal year
  3. Desirable to do in the upcoming fiscal year if time permits, schedule in the following fiscal year
  4. Good to do, but not possible at this time, to be evaluated again in the following fiscal year
  5. Not recommended to do.

Download Evaluation Form here (For ITPEC)


If you have any questions regarding the IT Project evaluation process, you may contact the ITPEC directly:

  1. Paul Tan – Associate Director (IT Services)
  2. Cham Jin Wei – Lead Systems Analyst (IT Services)
  3. Vanessa Bernabe – Lead Applications Analyst (IT Services)